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Autotek ATX46CX 4 X 6 Inches Coaxial Speakers, 1 Pair

ATX46CX 4 X 6 Inches Coaxial Speakers

The ATX46CX 4 X 6 Inches Coaxial Speakers happens to be an example of excellent speakers you can find using the internet. For anyone who is looking to acquire this product, you've come to the best place. We offer you unique bargains just for this great speakers with safe purchase. A summary of features are polypropylene cones, neo-mylar soft dome tweeter, spade style terminals and uv resistant rubber surround. The car speaker set dimensions are 1.74"H x 5.5"L x 3.46"W. Shopping for a ATX46CX 4 X 6 Inches Coaxial Speakers. To learn more about this car speaker set, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this site.

Maxxsonics USA, Inc.

Model: ATX46CX
UPS: 806576217343
Package Quantity: 1

The aim in establishing Autotek's line of dependable automotive speakers was to match the quality of our world-class amplifiers with"the Evolution of Power"foremost. Look closely for durable moisture and UV resistant rubber surrounds, rugged polypropylene cones, and high output neo-Mylar soft dome tweeters. Technology is evident everywhere in Autotek's full range and component speakers. For the enthusiast who demands excellent sonic accuracy, amazing sound quality, and great value, the AT series gives an incredible lineup of complete range speakers. They had been designed for uncomplicated, easy installation with features normally found in high-end units. AT series speakers are created inside most likely the most sought-after sizes to fit appropriate into factory speaker locations with tiny or no modification.


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