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Discount Speaker 5 25 Rev Amp 902 2REV New Product

Hogtunes Speaker 5. 25 Rev Amp 902. 2/REV

Reviews Reviews 5 Stars

Pump Up the volume With The Hogtunes Speaker 5. 25 Rev Amp 902. 2/REV made by Hogtunes. Speaker 5. 25 Rev is undoubtedly a type of top quality product you can find online. If you are thinking about purchasing this speakers, you've come to the right spot. We provide you exclusive deals for this great item with safe purchase. A listing of feature characteristics include 1-year warranty and new - bare drive. 0182682078383 is the EAN-13 barcode for this car speaker set. It weighs something like 7.2 lbs.

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Discount RP108C 234 Cb Extension Speaker On Sale Product

Roadpro RP-108C 2-3/4 Cb Extension Speaker With Swivel Bracket

Reviews Reviews 4 Stars

Shopping for the latest speakers? Consider the RP-108C 2-3/4 Cb Extension Speaker - a great speakers made by Roadpro. I certainly liked that it has includes a swivel bracket and a 6 feet cord. Other features include carded product and features 8 ohms and 6 watts peak power. The car speaker set has got a weight of 0.56 lbs. The UPC barcode for this is 045464232604. Best deal on RP-108C 2-3/4 Cb Extension Speaker. To order this product now at the lowest price, visit our partners via the link.

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